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SMS alerts and their importance

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There is no doubt that short message service has gone a long way in the past few years, making it one of the most effective marketing tools there is, out there. SMS alerts is one of many features that make SMS so special and so irreplaceable.


SMS alerts are irreplaceable

Many technological inventions who people at some stage, thought would be irreplaceable, have actually fallen apart in the past few years. But this has not been the case with SMS in general, and SMS alerts in specific. They have been doing their job well, for no less than two decades. And everything hints that they will continue to occupy an important role in the upcoming years.


So, what makes SMS alerts so important today?

Irreplaceable is a very strong word, but it does apply on SMS alerts. Natural disasters can literally strike at any given moment. It is something you cannot always predict, and even if you do, a disaster is still a disaster and many innocents will suffer from its consequences. It could be an earthquake, a storm, a hurricane or anything else that can cause widespread damage. In such situations, the best way to prevent people or to raise awareness is by sending SMS texts.


1. They work even without internet connection: Whether you want to raise awareness about an upcoming catastrophe, or whether you want to inform your citizens about a disaster that has just occurred so that they can take the necessary measures, SMS alerts is the best way to do it. It works even if people don’t have internet connection. When you’re in a hurry to get your message sent, you cannot afford to take the risk and place all your hopes on people being connected to WhatsApp or any other application. What if they aren’t? Every single life is precious.

2. Almost everyone has a mobile phone: According to reliable stats, there are 8 billion mobile phones out there in 2019, which exceeds the number of the planet’s population, estimated at 7.2 billion. In other words, you will struggle to find an adult who does not have a mobile. Meanwhile, not everyone has internet access 24/7, and there is not one single mobile application that the whole world has agreed to download. This means that SMS allows you to reach almost everyone.


3. SMS has the quickest open rate: All stats highlight the fact that an SMS is usually opened 3 minutes upon receiving it, on average. When you’re in such a hurry, you want people to read the message as soon as possible, which is impossible to find in any better way than SMS alert. When it comes to alerting people about not crossing a specific bridge that is about to fall for instance, every second matters and can be vital in saving someone’s life.

4. It is the best way to keep your social media accounts safe: Social media platforms have tried to find alternatives for SMS, but it is still considered the safest form of them all. Whenever someone tries to hack your account or logs into it from an unfamiliar location, platforms like Facebook and Twitter can notify you via SMS. By receiving this SMS alert, even if you are away from internet connection, you will immediately leave everything and rush into your account to change your password or take the necessary measures, before the hackers have had enough time to cause unrepairable damage.


5. It is the best way to keep your bank account safe: While protecting your Instagram account can be extremely important for people in 2019, protecting your bank account is even much more important. There are many thieves out there who are looking to steal your money via various ways. If someone tries to hack your bank account, or if someone makes a transaction and takes away money from your balance without your prior knowledge, you will immediately receive an SMS alert. This way, you will hopefully still have the time to contact your bank and ask them to take precaution.

In brief, SMS alerts remain irreplaceable in 2019, and this is not set to change in the foreseeable future. We at BroadNet Technologies offer you a variety of SMS services at a high level of excellence. Get in touch with us for more information.


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